About Fast Track


For 30 years Fast Track has specialised in compliance management software for medium to large organisations. Our FastTrack.net platform is deployed throughout global companies such as Motorola and PB; government bodies such as the Australian Department of Defence and Department of Justice; and leading organisations in medicine, mining, quality management, and utilities, among other industries.

Fast Track is a Microsoft Certified Partner and ISO31000 compliant. Our headquarters are in Queensland. We are also represented in the Mid-East and South America. Contact us at +61 7 5591 8977.

Leaders in operational regulatory compliance

Fast Track developed a robust product extensively used throughout the Department of Defence. We have earned a reputation there for continually delivering in record time -- as few as 3 months. Today its software is the gold standard in aviation, medicine and utilities for operational regulatory compliance management.

The Fast Track difference

Fast Track is the only enterprise compliance software company to offer all of the following:

* Single supplier for all modules
* Integrated modules that talk to one another
* Fully customisable modules
* Software that adjusts to your organisation
* Software "speaks" a common language

* Installation and setup in a few months
* Modules issue alerts and reminders
* Company has a record of success
* Software comes with training
* Automatic updates and support

Rapid deployment

In a world where goliaths like Oracle, IBM and Accenture can take months or years to complete rollouts, customised FastTrack.net solutions can be deployed in as few as 90 days. Fast Track customers start with a single out-of-the-box platform and combine any of 10 modules. They can buy exactly what they need now, and plug in any module later with no integration worries. It is not uncommon for Fast Track to be called in when Oracle, IBM, or Accenture solutions fail to perform as needed, or stall before completion. Our Case Studies page offers an example.

Attention to detail

Customers praise our attention to detail. We have refined FastTrack.net over 30 years, and it shows when you experience it. They also praise the software's "intelligence": Tasks can link to documents for reference, people for skills and availability, risks assessments for priority, and related cases for problem solving. In addition, terminology, business rules, workflows, even database content can be tailored at first and over time to produce an individual business model. User adoption is fast, with a common user interface ensuring predictability in new functions.

Customer review

compliance software company

[What led you to Fast Track?] "Flexibility – the ability to tailor the database to suit company needs e.g. we could select required modules but not have to purchase all, flexibility in field options for specific screens and workflow steps. Compatibility/ linkage – data from other corporate databases could be system downloaded to Fast Track. Capability & support – Fast Track’s team, while small, was very accessible in the initial negotiations and start-up."