Compliance. Explained.

Compliance refers to an organisation’s legal obligations to adhere to prescribed statutes and standards. The obligations emanate from a range of sources including state and commonwealth legislation, and from industry body codes of practice. These requirements specify not only the need to provide appropriate training and work instructions to staff and contractors, but that this is done in a consistent and timely manner, with validation and audit trail.

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The Risks

The absence of a robust system for compliance management can have grave consequences, including loss of operating licenses, personal liability and even imprisonment.

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Managing Compliance

As an organisation, you must have a mature set of operating processes, procedures and training that addresses how you will operate under all circumstances. These must be current and must be understood by all relevant staff and contractors.

F18An effective compliance management methodology must not only deliver the right information and training, it must be delivered at the right time, in a consistent and controlled manner. The information delivered must be accurate and up to date. And, there must be validation that the information has been received and understood, with a complete audit trail.

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