Managing Compliance

As an organisation, you must have a mature set of operating processes, procedures and training that addresses how you will operate under all circumstances. These must be current and must be understood by all relevant staff and contractors.

An effective compliance management methodology must not only deliver the right information and training, it must be delivered at the right time, in a consistent and controlled manner. The information delivered must be accurate and up to date. And, there must be validation that the information has been received and understood, with a complete audit trail.

Manual methods are inadequate. They typically fall short on a number of critical points:

· They do not enable essential information and training to be delivered to all staff and contractors exactly when and where required.

· They result in great delays in the time taken to update existing staff and to reach new staff. These delays set up critical exposures for your organisation where staff are operating without the requisite knowledge and training.

· They often result in inconsistent delivery of information and/or information that is out of date.


· They typically do not produce the necessary validation and audit trail.


Essential Outcomes

A comprehensive compliance management solution requires a robust, organisation-wide structure of control. It must cover operating practices, training, reporting and auditing. It must ensure:

· All members of the organisation have the right information and training in relation to general requirements under the law

· All members of the organisation have the right knowledge of organisation policies, procedures, products and services

· Control is extended across the entire organisation chain - including suppliers and contractors

· Information and training is delivered without delay

· Information and training is accurate and current

· Information and training delivered to staff is understood and acknowledged

· Information and training delivered to organisation staff and contractors is addressed within set time limits

· Relevant information and training is delivered at an appropriate level of frequency, and not just once-off

· There is full control and quality assurance, including 100% visibility at management level

· There is full reporting capability

· There is a full audit trail has been designed from the ground up to put you in control.