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New: Guide Untangles Compliance Software Market

Posted by Greg Carroll on Tue, Jan 29, 2013 @ 10:00 PM

Ten steps help companies figure out which vendor is right for them


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This guide helps executives navigate the crowded compliance software marketplace. Download »

In addition to rolling out our new website and launching this blog this week, I'm pleased to be publishing a new guide to help organisations choose the right compliance software for their needs: "10 Essentials of Enterprise Compliance Software" allows you to compare suppliers side-by-side on the points that matter the most.

Faced with all of today's choices in enterprise compliance software, the task of picking out the best can be daunting. It's not enough for the software to work well. It must work well for your organisation. That's why a vendor can have a fine product that's still a bad fit.

What to look for, what to avoid

The guide goes through 10 key items that a company should look for, starting with the ability to get all the necessary modules from a single vendor. Other items on the list include the ease with which modules can be customised, speed of installation, how well the modules "talk" with other software, and what kinds of training and support are available.

Failure to meet a particular criterion doesn't mean the software is bad. It might be just the right product for a different organisation. For example, a small, straightforward company may need only a basic compliance module and nothing else. In that case, it doesn't matter that the supplier isn't able to also deliver modules to manage contracts or equipment.

With the free guide, companies and government agencies have a map that makes it easier to navigate the crowded marketplace of compliance software.

Compliance as a strategic tool

Making the right choice can turn compliance and risk management from an obligatory overhead into a valuable strategic performance and management tool available to all levels of your organisation’s management.

The free guide is available at www.fasttrack365.com/10-essentials

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