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2013 Guide to FastTrack.net Enterprise Compliance Software

Posted by Greg Carroll on Fri, May 17, 2013 @ 04:11 AM

New for 2013, this guide covers modules, pricing, integration, security, support and more


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This guide explains Fast Track's pricing structure, integration, support, and more. Download »

Fast Track, developer of compliance and enterprise risk management software for medium and large organisations, has released its 2013 product guide. The free guide, available at http://fasttrack365/guide, gives a detailed look at Fast Track's modules, pricing, compatibility, security and support.

Compliance software modules explained

FastTrack.net is software that provides a user-friendly, integrated approach to managing all areas of compliance. It's trusted by top brands. And switching takes as few as 90 days. Get this 23 page PDF for information on:

  • Available modules
  • Technical specifications
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Our company

Pricing structure explained

The guide clearly explains Fast Track's pricing structure, which allows customers to choose as many modules as they need, without having to buy bundled extras. The guide also coves what is and is not included in the support package, and Fast Track's approach to speedy implementation.

Fast Track has sold over 400 licences in Australia and overseas predominantly to large corporate and government clients. The company has always maintained an upgrade path as it constantly improves its software.

Integrated approach explained

Most compliance management systems are a combination of disparate products, for desktop apps to specialized single function software packages.  Although good initially, as systems mature organization commonly see their greatest threat is the inability of these systems to relate and act on one another. Fully integrated systems combining all Risk, Compliance and Governance functionality reduce exposure.

With the new product guide, organisations can see at a glance what options are available from Fast Track, and how the integrated package can become a valuable strategic performance and management tool.

The free guide is available at www.fasttrack365.com/guide

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