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How Taking Your Time Speeds Up Compliance Software Implementation

Posted by Greg Carroll on Sat, Mar 16, 2013 @ 03:06 AM

It seems that the less we rush implementation, the faster we are


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During implementation, a prototype is installed on site and we conduct user acceptance testing. Deployment includes onsite multi-level user training. Customers make payments at each milestone. More about implementation »

One of our strong suits at Fast Track is quick implementation of our compliance software modules. Each project is unique, but here's one example: For the Yarra Valley Water Authority we implemented Fast Track enterprise wide to 400 users in just 4 months from proof-of-concept to live rollout. This included ombudsman cases, OHS & corporate risk assessments, auditing, and management of controlled documents. Simpler implementations can go even faster.

One reason for our speed: All of our modules work on the same platform. We offer an "out of the box" solution that doesn't require a great deal of resources.

But there's a second reason, which some competitors and even some customers have a harder time grasping: we take our time to get properly organised at the start.

Kicking the tyres

Here's what I mean. When we start an implementation, we first have our customers try out the standard software. It gives them a chance to get familiar with our product while we get familiar with their organisation. We might spend a month on the specification phase, learning how the offices work, finding out what the company does and doesn't want out of our modules. Then we put together a configuration specification showing how we'll set up the system.

Most people -- competitors and even some customers -- are in too much of a hurry to get the software up and running. They figure they'll work out the bugs later. But that approach is really one of the biggest causes of failure.

Testing in anticipation of teething issues

Testing is probably the second main reason why systems fail. We make sure our customers are directly involved in designing the specific tests, because they know better than anyone the scenarios that will be involved.

Then we go through two rounds of acceptance testing. We have our customer assemble a testing team from their staff, from novice to expert, to put the software through its paces. That's when we fix the bugs, but we find that there are fewer bugs to fix than if we had imposed our ideas of how the whole system should run. 

Of course the customer may still come up with a scenario no one had thought of, and we make sure we are available for any teething issues that come up.

So when you talk to us about implementing Fast Track for your organisation, don't be surprised at how soon we anticipate having it up and running for you. And when we start the job, don't be surprised at our deliberate pace. Taking our time at the front end of the process is what makes rollout go quickly and smoothly.

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