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With Compliance Management Software, It's All About Proper Fit

Posted by Greg Carroll on Mon, Mar 18, 2013 @ 09:00 PM

A lot of companies make good products, but which ones are good for YOU?


compliance management software

A small company may need only a basic compliance module and nothing else. A large enterprise typically needs compliance software to handle a range of tasks. Learn more »

With compliance software, you generally know where you want to end up. But which software will get you there on the most efficient route?

It can be tough to navigate the marketplace because some very good companies make some very good products. The real question is which product is the best fit for your particular organisation?

If yours is a large, complex organisation, your compliance software may take many forms and be required to handle a wide range of tasks. That's a lot to ask of a single supplier.

Below is a chart listing the key elements in making a selection. Failure to meet a particular criterion on the left-hand list doesn't mean the software is bad. It might be just the right product for a different organisation.

For example, a small, straightforward company may need only a basic compliance module and nothing else. In that case, it doesn't matter that the supplier isn't able to also deliver modules to manage contracts or to manage equipment.

Look for Avoid
A single supplier for all modules Different suppliers for different modules
Ability to buy only the modules you need  Bundles that make you buy more than you need 
Fully customisable modules Partially customisable modules 
Software that adjusts to your organisation  Software that requires your organisation to adjust 
Installation and setup in a few months  Installation and setup that can take a year or more 
Software that "speaks" a common language  Software that can't work with other programmes 
Modules issuing alerts and reminders  Static modules; It's up to you to make it all work 
A vendor with a record of success  A company that wants to use you as a guinea pig 
Software comes with training  You're on your own once you buy it 
Automatic updates  You need to remember to check for updates

Fast Track fulfills every requirement on the left-hand list. That's 11 different modules, all running on a common platform and easy to integrate. Buy only what you need, but feel confident that you can easily add other modules as your needs change. We'll have it up and running quickly, matched to your specific operation, and we'll supply the training. Find out how well Fast Track fits by requesting a demo »

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