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How Parsons Brinkerhoff Manages Corporate Compliance with Fast Track

Posted by Greg Carroll on Fri, Oct 18, 2013 @ 03:00 AM

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manage corporate compliance
Your compliance management system has to work seamlessly with your existing database as well as with Outlook or SharePoint. And it needs to adjust as your organisation grows and changes. Learn more about the 10 Essentials of Enterprise Compliance Software »

One of our customers, consulting engineers Parsons Brinkerhoff, uses Fast Track’s compliance management solutions to handle contractor selection and conformance, Audit Management for project compliance, Document Control for quality management, and Contract Management for proposal and contract preparation and tracking.

Fast Track allows connectivity to PB’s master Oracle database in New York, for seamless integration with their existing project management applications.

Why is this notable? Because when you can link to documents for reference, people for skills and availability, risks assessments for priority, and related cases for problem solving, you'll get a complete and accurate picture of activities at all times. 

The solution goes a step further, too. It goes beyond recording compliance activity; and produces usable analysis.

If you are contemplating a corporate compliance system, I encourage you to ask:

Will this work seamlessly with our systems? Does it automatically cross-reference and hyperlink between modules?

Because if your system doesn't, you're missing out.


manage corporate compliance          manage corporate compliance          manage corporate compliance

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