Compliance Management

ComplianceMany executives feel that they have spent a lot of money on compliance without getting much in return. This is not surprising if they have restricted their efforts to short-term goals focused on passing annual audits. In this case, compliance spending is largely consumed by employees performing repetitive, manual tasks. However, if these executives had instead focused on developing a robust, long-term compliance framework, their investments would have lowered the cost of compliance and could have been leveraged enterprise-wide to reduce risk and increase efficiency. Organisations that use the knowledge, skills and technologies acquired through their compliance efforts to create a foundation for improvement in other areas of the enterprise can fully leverage their compliance spending.

Automating Compliance Management activity allows Compliance & Risk management specialists to concentrate their time and resources on producing tangible benefits for the organisation and not get bogged down with the administration of systems.

  • Audit Scheduling,
  • Electronic Audits, Reporting, & Follow up
  • Inspections
  • Online & Offline Assessments
  • Customer Complaints & Feedback
  • Corrective & Preventive Actions with electronic workflow
  • Workflows for Approval & Variations
  • Investigation and Task Workflow Management
  • Interfaced to Risk Calculator for prioritising

Compliance Complaints

Fast Track Complaint Management covers the full lifecycle of complaints starting from Web submission of complaints directly in Fast Track initiating an electronic workflow for notification and resolution, with reminders and escalation of outstanding issues, to the closeout and feedback on the resolution. Features include attachment of evidence, examples, and correspondence, audit logging of actions and changes, and a wide range of analysis including by cause, dept, type, source, and item.

Continual feedback increases customer satisfaction, while automatic follow-up and escalation reduces time to resolution. Analysis enable organisation to learn from their experience while relating case to multiple influences (product, equipment, process) builds future reference data for continuous improvement.



  • Links to person/customer database internal or external to Fast Track
  • Electronic Workflow with history of actions and contacts with escalation of outstanding issues
  • Attach any file type for evidence, emails, correspondence, etc

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