Fully integrated Australian compliance management software
for real business outcomes thru visibility, accountability and insight


Proven over 30 years in mission critical business, risk and compliance software gives you the security and confidence to allow you to focus on core business outcomes. Benefit from the experience of some of Australia's leading organizations in preventing compliance risk exposure. 

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE software proven in six mission critical fields:

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Strategic Management Data Sheet

Incorporating ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management

FastTrack transforms ERM to a true ISO 31000 decision making tool integrating with strategic management of Objectives & Obligations as well as risk based auditing and compliance suite, FastTrack is a game changer for optimising ROI and exploiting opportunities.
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Laboratory Quality Management

Quality System Management

ISO 9001:2015 risk based Quality Management System

Streamlining certification management to drive productivity and continuous improvement thru risk-based document control, audits & CARs, competence and calibration for absolute ISO 9001:2015 compliance in mission-critical environments. 
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K12 School Registration Compliance

NGS Registration Compliance

Managing Duty of Care and Code of Conduct

NGS registration compliance to meet Duty of Care and Code of Conduct obligations along with the Mandatory Reporting timeline to assure the school’s reputation with minimal burden on college staff.
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Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Using ISO 55000 to realize value assets’s ISO 55000 Asset Management software optimizes planning, asset selection, acquisition/development, utilization, maintenance and ultimate disposal/renewal of assets, that maximises ROI and realize value from assets.
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Contract Management

Enterprise Contract Management

Contract Program & Project Management

A truly proactive tool, FastTrack moves Contract Management (CPPM) from a reactionary register to an effective value adding tool for risk mitigation, performance management and continuous improvement.
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Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety and Health (HSE) software

For ISO 14000 & ISO 18000 based Due Diligence enables a Due Diligence defence thru an effective ISO 14000 EMS and ISO 18000 WHS that is proactive & incorporates risk management, prevention, education, timely reporting, rehabilitation and continuous improvement.
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In the Cloud or On-Premise is the fully-integrated compliance management system designed and developed specifically for Australian regulatory compliance in mission critical businesses. In the Cloud or On-Premise, provides automated processes and systems for tracking and responding to regulatory compliance activities across multiple locations, eliminating individually customized processes at risk of being lost with staff turnover. delivers compliance tracking software that will monitor and report enterprise compliance status against applicable regulations in real time, including predictive alerts to prevent violations.

The power and efficiency of risk and compliance management can stop revenue leakage, end the chase for lost paperwork, dramatically reduce time-consuming data entry, and streamline almost every risk and compliance process within your business. Total integration means that wherever data is entered or captured into the system, it is immediately updated and shared with all other parts of the system.


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How to select the right Compliance software for your needs?

Faced with all of today's choices in enterprise compliance software, the task of picking out the best can be daunting. It's not enough for the software to work well. It must work well for your organisation. That's why a vendor can have a fine product that's still a bad fit. In this guide, we'll go through each of those points and more. You'll have a better idea of how to compare software suppliers side by side. Our aim is to help you focus your search on the key points that show the biggest differences among products. Read More... »

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Some of the biggest names in Australian regulatory compliance choose as their compliance management software.


The Compliance Management System Advantage.

f181.jpgFor 30 years Fast Track has specialised in compliance and risk management software for medium to large organisations. Our platform is deployed throughout global companies such as Motorola and Serco; government bodies the Australian Department of Defence and Australian Quarantine Inspection Service; and leading medical institutions such as Alfred Hospital and Victoria Infectious Diseases control laboratories.

Fast Track is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Cloud Service Provider utilizing Microsoft’s Azure platform to provide industry leading and secure GRC on the cloud. Headquarters are in Queensland with representives in the Mid-East and South America. Contact us at +61 7 5597 2077.


Neural Networking: What it means to you

neural-networking-450w-300x200.jpgNeural networking is a method of artificial intelligence where relationships between different pieces of data are identified and linked based on relevance.  It's the same type of technology used by Google and Facebook to recommend subjects or friends.  Applying this technology to risk and compliance unleashes insights into your organisation and business environment that allows management to operate from an informed basis instead of just gut-feel. 

Predictive analytics can uncover hidden gems as well as threats and provide real options moving forward.  Fast Track brings a truely innovative platform to managing risk and compliance in a marketplace dominated by heatmaps and historical reporting.


Use any GRC MODULES on their own or together, fully integrated. The power of




Take control over outcomes with pro-active INTERACTIVE GRC TOOLS:


Cloud hosted in Australian datacentres





Acknowledged subject matter authority



On-Site Training & Australian based Support


Visual mapping of relationships


Diary Tracking with traffic lights & auto escalation


PowerBI & Excel analytics



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