Regulatory Compliance Traceability


FastTrack delivers the holy grail of GRC: real-time governance. Monitoring & consolidating corporate performance, risk and surveillance data and activities, FastTrack relates all their affects back to your Corporate Objectives and capabilities to whether they’re underperforming or over-stressed. Directors and C-Level executive can now make better and faster decisions.

Here are our 7 best practices for Regulatory Compliance Traceability:



1. Visual Mapping of Data

Being able to visually show how your business is fulfilling its corporate and regulatory obligations not only provides confidence of proper due diligence but also aids as a proactive tool to identify weaknesses or areas for improvement.    Coupled with our Traffic Lights to highlight items in need of attention, FastTrack delivers the real-time oversight to effectively manage today’s complex and disruptive business environment.




Sample screenshot: Compliance Module - Compliance Review Boards. View recorded demo/ request demo »


2.   Visibility & Accountability

Calendar views of the status of tasks for a manger’s staff, along with Traffic Lights highlighting items in need of urgent attention, and email notifications with escalation up the management tree of overdue or critical actions provide a level of awareness often lost in frenetic activity of today’s busy organisations.



3.   Corporate Responsibility

FastTrack provides a strategic focus to operational decision making by linking risk and activities back to corporate objectives and obligations.  This comprehensive set of GRC tools fit seamlessly together to fill those gaps that inevitably lay waste to the best made plans. 



4.   Risk Profiling

FastTrack understands Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) exists to deliver Threat & Opportunity Management. FastTrack’s neural network architecture will actively evolve your existing Risk Registers into true ERM with little effort on your part.


5.   Ensuring Capability Availability

Using the Dept of Defence technical of assessing Operational Capability, FastTrack links information back to one of 7 data characteristics of People, Process, Equipment, Data, Materials, Management and Systems, to report on the current health (effectiveness) of each.  With the supporting graphs on the Dashboard, the “bottlenecks” can be quickly identified for attention.



6.    Strategic Mapping

 Just as Facebook identifies long lost friends, FastTrack’s neural networking automatically links all related information, bringing to light things that might come back to bite you in the proverbial.  Providing both management and executive with a visual map of the contributors to your goals and objectives allows if immediate notification of the effect operational incidents on strategic management.


7.   Practical Analytics

The key to effective Governance is making management productive. FastTrack’s single click to download data into Excel Pivot Tables (below) puts Business Intelligence (BI) tools in managers’ hands.  By clicking on their in-built filters and drill-down into the data managers can “play” with data off-line as a valuable tool for effective decision making.





Customer review

compliance management system

"Fast track was purchased as a single quality management solution for the functions of document control and internal audit / corrective actions so that 5 legacy systems could be united into a single system that would comply with our external accreditation requirements." - GOVERNMENT AGENCY


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