Contract Management

ContractsA much overlooked aspect of Compliance Management is the area of Business Agreements. Requiring inputs from multiple departments and affecting others such as finance, legal, marketing, and operations, even a minor mistiming can prove an expensive oversight. handles all aspects of Business Agreements including: Panel Agreements Joint Venture Supplier Agreements Banking & Securities Confidentiality Agreements Licences Service Level Contracts Contract deliverables or obligations can be recorded against a contract and allocated to key personnel. Automatic reminder emails are scheduled for these deliverables, and key personnel are notified when due. You will obtain a full report of all the obligations due for each contract and establish which deliverables are still outstanding.

When managing multi-million dollar contracts, administration delays and oversight breaches can cost organisation big dollars. Also saving Legal and senior Finance staff’s time allows for greater focus on better contractual outcomes.

  • Tenders and Quotes
  • Contract Milestones, Review & Expiries
  • Insurance & Certification Tracking
  • Obligations and Legal Requirements Register
  • Workflows for Approval & Variations
  • Interfaced to Risk for prioritising Contracts & Tenders

Contracts Tenders

This function tracks the preparation, holding, and recommendations of Tenders & Quotes. It takes inputs from Submissions and outputs contract negotiations for monitoring. Using Risk Assessment processes for rating responses and maintaining a database of Tenders provides a future purchasing intelligence.

By formally managing the whole Tender process, due diligence, probity and transparency of each Tender can be assured.



  • Electronic Tender Approval Workflows
  • Assessment Criteria, Guidelines & Questions
  • Assessment Review Scheduling
  • Online & Offline Assessment Submissions
  • Response Evaluation, review & rating
  • Risk Assessment & Rating
  • Summary Reporting

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