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ERM is the map of our journey but GRC is the navigator that get us to a destination wisely.  Without ERM we're going nowhere but without the navigator its just luck if we arrive safely. People are the key to business and Governance/Compliance are about managing people.

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  • managing management board's due diligence obligations
    Corporate Governance
  • ISO 31000 enterprise risk management (ERM)
    Risk Management
  • Risk based Audit management and Corrective Action reports
    Audit & Inspection
  • Building understanding & staff awareness of obligations & activities
    Compliance Traceability
  • Document version control & change management
    Policies, Procedures & Legislation
  • capabilities depend required skills & competences are available
    Skills & Competencies
  • Monitor operational performance & risk in real time
    Management & Reporting
  • Equipment Tracking & Asset Management
    Equipment Tracking & Asset Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
    Environmental Management System
  • Contract Management System
    Contract Management System

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