Credentialing is a core component of clinical/professional governance or self regulation where members of a profession set standards for practice and establish a minimum requirement for entry, continuing professional development, endorsement and recognition. Tracking the renewal of staff licences and qualification is made simple with Fast Track’s email function. Automatic reminder emails are sent to notify you of licences and qualifications that require renewal. The training course module is also included, which allows you to create a register of all courses held as well as a list of attendees, training variations and feedback. One entry against a Training Program automatically posts course competencies against each attendee. With full reporting mechanisms Fast Track provides a set of reports together with a complete skills matrix for any form of analysis. Reports Included Skill Matrix (Sample shown below, Figure 1) Training Analysis Skill / Training / Qualification Listing Performance Review Report Training Course Register All of the reports allow you to select different criteria which will allow you to integrate the data and produce hundreds of different reports. Additionally, we can create and customise reports for individual companies.

Quality of Services (QoS), by definition, is reliant on the competence of the provider. In today's fast changing world ensuring peoples qualifications are up-to-date is not only critical but sometimes mandatory. Failure to do so has closed businesses.

  • Professional and Consultant Register with review & ratings

  • Competency – qualifications, skills, endorsements

  • Staff & Contractor Assessment & Rating

  • Skills Matrix – Employees, Contractors, Positions

  • Training Requirements & Gap Analysis

  • Email notification for Renewal of Qualifications

  • Training Applications with costing & approval workflow

  • Training Courses with schedules and course material

  • Training History

Resource Scheduling & Rostering

Fast Track Resource Scheduling & Rostering tools provide a graphical user interface for planning, scheduling and resourcing tasks, events, and projects. Features include 5 year timeline, drag & drop movements, personnel commitments, and interested parties notifications.

This visually appealing tool will increase organisational productivity through coordination of resources.


  • Graphical Calendar with drag & drop scheduling & resourcing

  • Scheduling & resourcing Daily, Weekly, Monthly for up to 5 years

  • Recording interested parties with email notification of scheduling changes

  • Resource and Manpower availability

  • Facility to include pre & post tasks requirements per event

  • Cost budgeting reports


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