Fast Track specialises in compliance solutions for medium and large organisations

Defence: Under the Vice Chief of Defence Force, we serve the Joint Logistics Command (JLC), Explosive Ordinance Branch (EOB), Supply Chain Branch (SCB), Occupation Health & Safety Branch (OHSB), and Safety Intelligence & Knowledge Management Directorate (SIKM). We also serve several other divisions. More »

Government: Government customers include Department of Agriculture, Department of Health, Department of Justice, and the Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). More »

Corporate: Corporate customers include Fosters, Motorola, IES, Parsons Brinkerhoff, and Yokogawa.

Heathcare: In the healthcare sector, customers include Alfred Hospital, Burnside Hospital, Cabrini Health, Healthscope, National Serological Reference Laboratory, PathWest, Serco, and the Australian Department of Health, and the South Australian Department of Health.

Mining: Mining industry customers include BIS, IES, OneSteel, Resolute Mining, and Yokogawa.

Utilities: SA Water, Yarra Valley Water, and SERCO are among the utilites Fast Track serves.


Fast Track is an "out of the box" solution. Implementation does not require great resources. While each project is unique, we have a record of fast deployments. See our Case Studies page for four examples of Fast Track in action:

  • Department of Agriculture: In 4 months we were able to accomplish what our competitor couldn't do in 18 months. More »
  • Department of Defense: Fast Track won an international Tender for the Department of Defence and has been employed throughout Australia as the main compliance tool for the Joint Logistics Command.
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff: Consulting engineers Parsons Brinkerhoff use a range of modules. More »
  • Yarra Valley Water: Yarra Valley Water, the largest of Melbourne’s three water corporations, originally tried Oracle, IBM and Accenture, then switched to Fast Track after trials. More »

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