Solutions for the Defence Industry

Trusted by the Department of Defence software improves operational capability while meeting Strategic Reduction Program (SRP) objectives. Uses range from regulatory compliance covering audit management, airworthiness & aviation information management, to efficiency and performance management, quality and process management, KPI reporting, OHS&E; to operational areas of supplier management and contracts, resource management and scheduling, and skill and training management.


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A single platform for managing a range of areas

  • Sea/Airworthiness: Compliance Assurance, Regulatory Framework, Organisations Approvals, Airworthiness Boards, and Training & Proficiencies
  • Logistics: Quality Assurance, TRF Management, Equipment Tracking, Maintenance Calibration, and Task Management.
  • Command: Boards of Inquiry, Ministerials & Directives, Policy & Coordination, Goverance & Oversight, and Capability Improvement
  • OHS: Risk Management, Safety Management, Health Programmes, Hazardous Substances, and Knowledge Management
  • Explosive Ordinance: Risk Assessments & JSAs, EO Licensing, Regulatory Framework, Environment Management, and Task Management
  • Materiel: Audit & Inspections, CARs & Preventive Actions, Supplier Assurance, Contract Management, and Project Management


Under the Vice Chief of Defence Force, we serve the Joint Logistics Command (JLC), Explosive Ordinance Branch (EOB), Supply Chain Branch (SCB), Occupation Health & Safety Branch (OHSB), and Safety Intelligence & Knowledge Management Directorate (SIKM). In the Air Force we serve the Deputy Chief of Air Force, Aviation Capability Improvement Team (ACIT), Airworthiness Coordination & Policy Agency (ACPA), and Directorate of General Technical Airworthiness (DGTA). In the Air Command we serve the Air Lift Group (ALG) and Surveillance & Response Group (SRG). In the Defense Material Organisation (DMO) our clients include the Supplier Quality Assurance Services (SQAS), Internal Audit, Quality Management (QM), Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO), and Science & Engineering Services (SES).

Implementation and setup follow our proven methodology. Support agreements include software updates at no additional change, as well as access to a help desk.