Solutions for Hospitals & Laboratories

Trusted by the Alfred, NRL, and Healthscope

Fast Track is the preferred government regulatory compliance (GRC) software provider for leading pathology laboratories and hospitals. We serve The National Serological Reference Laboratories at the world-renowned St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne; we also serve major hospitals like Burnside, Cabrini, The Alfred, and The Royal Melbourne Hospital. These customers utilize to manage such diverse GRC functions as Credentialing, Accreditation, Contracts & Tenders, and Engineering/Logistics. 

Choose to manage diverse GRC functions

For example, our Competency Management module makes it simple to track staff qualifications and renewal of licences. You can build a comprehensive database of staffs skills, qualifications and training needs. A training course module allows you to create a register of all courses held as well as a list of attendees, training variations and feedback. One entry against a Training Program automatically posts course competencies against each attendee. Fast Track provides a set of reports together with a complete skills matrix for any form of analysis. enables you to manage diverse functions with modules from a single supplier. For example:

  • Credentialing: Agreements & Insurances, Complaint History, Rosters & Scheduling, and Training & Proficiencies
  • Quality Management: Document Control, Audit Management, Corrective Actions, Customer Compliants, and Equipment Calibration
  • Governance: Boards of Inquiry, Ministerials & Directives, Policy & Coordination, Goverance & Oversight, and Capability Improvement
  • Risk: Risk Assessments, Hazard Register, Risk Calculator, Controls & Mitigation, and Reminders and Escalation
  • Engineering: Equipment Register, Maintenance & Calibration, Equipment Tracking, Work Orders, and Inventory Management
  • Contracts: Business Agreements, Tenders and Quotes, Contract Review, Contract Development, and Obligations

Proven COTS software is proven COTS Software delivering efficiency & performance through enterprise-wide governance, risk & compliance management solutions to ISO31000. With healthcare providers receive proactive information and insight -- helping them understand underlying drivers, trends, and factors and make more informed decisions. software comes with training, automatic updates, and support. It can be deployed in as few as 3 months, and is backed by a company with a strong track record.