Environmental Management

EnvironmentClimate Change has put Environmental Management at the forefront of Government’s attitude towards business through taxation or regulations. By taking substantial voluntary steps, companies can persuade governments and the wider public that they are taking issues seriously with respect to standards and impacts on the environment. Reactionary approaches to regulatory impositions generally result in a range of ad hoc management measures that normally place an impost and overhead to the business. The result is in an unimpressive image for those responsible for providing compliance in the eyes of senior management.

With Licences and penalties being expensive tight control over Environmental Management can have dramatic saving not only in dollar terms but also in terms of corporate image.

  • Licences with renewal and Requirement Tracking
  • Regulation Identification, checklists and analysis
  • Emergency Plans, Drills and Evacuations
  • Incident Case Management
  • Case Notes, Attachments, & Contacts
  • Data Recording & Data Monitoring
  • Reduction Programs with Workflow tracking
  • Email Reminders & Escalation of Outstanding Issues
  • Comprehensive Security Model set per case

Environment Licences

This function maintains a database of Environmental Licences with their expiry, conditions, and reporting requirements. It also features automatic reminder and escalation notifications for licence expiry and reporting requirement deadlines.

With Licences and penalties being expensive tight control over renewals and reporting requirements can have dramatic savings.



  • Registers of Licences with renewal date
  • Obligation tracking per licence
  • Email reminders of obligation with escalation of overdue items
  • Tracking by Facility, Regulations, Risk
  • Risk Assessment with risk calculator

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