Equipment Management

EquipmentEquipment Management is much more than a register that just lists all the equipment held in an organisation. Equipment Management covers all aspects of any type of equipment including Vehicles, Mobiles, Software, Equipment, Office Assets etc service records, schedules for maintenance, equipment non-conformances and faults. It is important to be able to track all aspects of equipment maintenance, not just the scheduled but also the unexpected requirements. Service records, Schedules for maintenance, Equipment faults / non-conformances are able to be recorded and progress tracked. Calibration schedules can be set and Calibration reports can also be attached. Everything relating to a piece of equipment can be kept together for ease of location within the one module. Repair orders can be raised and tracked. An inventory of parts can be tracked and usage recorded. Any equipment that is Sublet or shifted to another location is recorded.

Equipment’s integration with Risk Management, Competencies, Document Management and the Resource Management module produces a comprehensive framework increasing productivity and utilization while reducing rework and waste.

  • Equipment Specifications
  • Calibration/Maintenance Schedule
  • Service History
  • Record equipment faults
  • Raise and Track Repair orders
  • Allocate and place sublet work
  • Track Inventory and parts Usage
  • Approved Suppliers Searches
  • Record Equipment reading and Settings

Equipment Inventory

Inventory is a basic Inventory tracking and costing system to support the Work Order function on Equipment. It is oriented to mission critical tracking of high value individual parts for traceability.

Traceability of component parts to Equipment provides regulatory compliance in mission critical environments.



  • Stock Reciepts
  • Stocktakes
  • Shelf life tracking
  • Serial No/Batch No tracking
  • Average costing and item costing

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