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risk management data sheetA truly proactive tool, FastTrack moves ERM from a liability register to a decision making tool for optimising ROI and exploiting opportunities.  FastTrack ERM links context to objectives to risks to KRIs offering a complete framework for ISO 31000 compliance from identification to assessment, through controls to mitigation and review.

FastTrack ERM’s unique neural network architecture provides executives with visibility of threats and opportunities, aggregation of risks across the enterprise, to presenting their effect on your core capabilities that allows you to realise your corporate objectives. 

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  • managing management board's due diligence obligations
    Corporate Governance
  • ISO 31000 enterprise risk management (ERM)
    Risk Management
  • Risk based Audit management and Corrective Action reports
    Audit & Inspection
  • Building understanding & staff awareness of obligations & activities
    Compliance Traceability
  • Document version control & change management
    Policies, Procedures & Legislation
  • capabilities depend required skills & competences are available
    Skills & Competencies
  • Monitor operational performance & risk in real time
    Management & Reporting
  • Equipment Tracking & Asset Management
    Equipment Tracking & Asset Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
    Environmental Management System
  • Contract Management System
    Contract Management System

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