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Proven Company

For 30 years Fast Track has specialised in compliance management software for medium to large organisations. Our FastTrack.net platform is deployed throughout obligation critical organisations from the Australian Department of Defence and Department of Justice; to leading organisations in health, mining, and utilities, among other industries.

Fast Track is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Our headquarters are in Queensland and we are represented in the Mid-East and South America.

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Proven Software

In the Cloud or On-Premise, FastTrack.net provides automated processes and systems for tracking and responding to regulatory compliance activities across multiple locations, eliminating individually customized processes at risk of being lost with staff turnover.

FastTrack.net delivers a regulatory compliance tracking system that will monitor and report enterprise compliance status against applicable regulations in real time, including predictive alerts to prevent violations.

  • artificial intellegence identifying and linking pieces of data based on relevance
        Neural Networking

What it means to you

Neural networking is a method of artificial intellegence where relationships between different pieces of data are identified and linked based on relevance.  It's the same type of technology used by Google and Facebook to recommend subjects or friends.  Applying this technology to risk and compliance unleashes insights into your organisation and business environment that allows management to operate from an informed basis instead of just gut-feel.  

Predictive analytics can uncover hidden gems as well as threats and provide real options moving forward.  Fast Track brings a truely innovative platform to managing risk and compliance in a marketplace dominated by heatmaps and historical reporting.


Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management

Free Extract: Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management

"Accepted best practice in risk management failed. The rate of technological change has accelerated. A fundamental change in business is happening, and a majority of businesses today will not be around in 10 years unless they urgently adopt major transformations."
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