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FastTrack GRC is more than just ERM. Just as knowing the road rules doesn’t make a good driver, software doesn't drive business outcomes, people do. But by adding Governance modules that manage to pathway from vision to mission to strategic planning, and integrating with ERM and Compliance (audit and traceability), you can create a closed feedback loop that empowers your people to achieve aims not just prevent their failure. has been proven in managing governance, risk and compliance across mission-critical organisations like Dept of Defence, Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and Victorian Infectious Diseases control laboratories.  As the map below highligths, provides a comprehensive set of integrated GRC functionality that can be progressively built up to deliver that vision-outcome-transformation closed loop.

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In today’s disrupted business environment the need for risk management is undisputable.  The application of even any cheap cloud based risk register will provide some level of protection. But once you move past establishing an operational Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system it is common that thoughts turn to utilizing that intelligence to drive business outcomes and growth.  This is where GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) systems come to the fore.  

Governance, Risk & Compliance from six mission critical components:

Corporate Governance

Strategic Management Data Sheet

Strategic Management turning plans into results

Objectives aren't the “bulls eye”, just the dartboard. Linking ERM with objectives, obligation and initiatives, proactive KPI monitoring, corporate governance, and Board reporting, moves Strategic Planning into noticeable results.
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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


ISO 31000 outcome focused Enterprise Risk Management

FastTrack transforms ERM to a true ISO 31000 decision making tool integrating with strategic management of Objectives & Obligations as well as risk based auditing and compliance suite, FastTrack is a game changer for optimising ROI and exploiting opportunities.
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Audit Managment System

Compliance Audit Management

Using rIsk based Audit & Corrective action to drive continuous improvement offers comprehensive risk based audit management to drive continuous improvement from audit findings and corrective actions. Diary tracking, traffic lights, and compliance traceability provide senior management the confidence that your regulatory compliance is securely managed.
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Policies & Procedures

Knowledge Document Control software

Document version & change control with compliance traceability

When Document control is not just good practice but imperative to life & limb, Fast Track produces maximum value without the overhead. With automated compliance traceability, change & version control, and web publishing, FastTrack delivers a single point of truth integrated with Outlook, and SharePoint.
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Performance & Analytics


Configurable Executive dashboards, Excel & PowerBI analytics

FastTrack delivers the holy grail of GRC: real-time governance. Monitoring & consolidating corporate performance, risk and surveillance data and activities, Relates all effects back to corporate Objectives and capabilities whether underperforming or over-stressed.
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Incident Management

Critical Incident Case Management

Mission Critical Incident Case Management

Built around ISO 31000 compliance, links Incident Case Management to processes and risks to deliver analytical and predictive capabilities empowering organisations to predict and prevent future incidents, as well as best-of-breed management of incidents.
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In the Cloud or On-Premise is the fully-integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance solution designed and developed specifically for Australian mission critical businesses. In the Cloud or On-Premise, manages governance, risk and compliance across mission-critical organisations like Dept of Defence, Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and Victorian Infectious Diseases control laboratories. Assess and manage exposure with powerful tools built for medium-sized and large enterprises. Easily identify and assess all kinds of risk; track hazards, and mitigation. Manage risk more proactively with smart, real-time alerts.

FastTrack transforms Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to a true ISO 31000 decision making tool integrating with strategic management of Objectives & Obligations. Along with risk based auditing and compliance suite, FastTrack is a game changer for optimising ROI and exploiting opportunities.  With FastTrack GRC software, both potential and actual risks are tracked in real time through enforced reviews. There are automatic event notifications, assessment templates, and multiple risk calculators, all in a hierarchical structure. Both upward consolidation and drill-down facilities deliver a true ISO31000 ERM system.


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How to get the best ROI from Governance, Risk & Compliance Software

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Some of Australia's biggest mission critical organizations chose as their GRC software.


The GRC Advantage.

f181.jpgFor 30 years Fast Track has specialised in compliance and risk management software for medium to large organisations. Our platform is deployed throughout global companies such as Motorola and Serco; government bodies the Australian Department of Defence and Australian Quarantine Inspection Service; and leading medical institutions such as Alfred Hospital and Victoria Infectious Diseases control laboratories.

Fast Track is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Cloud Service Provider utilizing Microsoft’s Azure platform to provide industry leading and secure GRC on the cloud. Headquarters are in Queensland with representives in the Mid-East and South America. Contact us at +61 7 5597 2077.


Neural Networking: What it means to you

neural-networking-450w-300x200.jpgNeural networking is a method of artificial intelligence where relationships between different pieces of data are identified and linked based on relevance.  It's the same type of technology used by Google and Facebook to recommend subjects or friends.  Applying this technology to risk and compliance unleashes insights into your organisation and business environment that allows management to operate from an informed basis instead of just gut-feel. 

Predictive analytics can uncover hidden gems as well as threats and provide real options moving forward.  Fast Track brings a truely innovative platform to managing risk and compliance in a marketplace dominated by heatmaps and historical reporting.


Use any GRC MODULES on their own or together, fully integrated. The power of




Take control over outcomes with pro-active INTERACTIVE GRC TOOLS:


Cloud hosted in Australian datacentres





Acknowledged subject matter authority



On-Site Training & Australian based Support


Visual mapping of relationships


Diary Tracking with traffic lights & auto escalation


PowerBI & Excel analytics



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