Integration & Implementation

Technical overview

*MS SQL 2000-08 R2 databases *AD role-based security models
*, IIS architecture *Web services,, XML
*Multi-tier & multi-web server *Solutions to ISO31000
*Web-based, user-friendly GUI *Current & evolving standards

"Speaks" a common language: is out-of-the-box software tailored and customised to each customer to deliver a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution. Since 1981 the product has integrated with hundreds of organisations' legacy systems. works seamlessly with your existing database. It integrates with MS Office and SharePoint and automatically cross-references and hyperlinks among modules. When you can link to documents for reference, people for skills and availability, risks assessments for priority, and related cases for problem solving, you'll get a complete and accurate picture of activities at all times.

ISO31000 compliant: The product is designed with a ISO31000 holistic approach to risk, maximising executive visibility and organisational accountability; and providing proactive decision support, not just record keeping. For example, a Compliance Module does more than just record compliance activity; it produces actionable analysis.

Process ensures security and data integrity: To ensure security and data integrity, your administrators configure Manuals for your administrators and your users are supplied in Word format and published as PDFs for user access via the FT Help keys. Fast Track provides training for your internal help desk with FAQs, support scripts and system documentation.  We also supply Level 2 support to your help desk where they cannot provide user solutions.


Typical progression - overview: Usually we install right away, so that you can kick the tyres. Next we discuss which combination of the 10 modules will meet your needs. We address connecting with your enterprise systems, and move to deployment in as few as 90 days.

Key parts of the methodology: Fast Track uses a formal project management with change control, and produces requirement specs for configuration. A prototype is installed on site, and we conduct user acceptance testing. Deployment includes onsite multi-level user training. During this process, customers make payments as we reach each agreed milestone.

Task allocation by position: All tasks are allocated to a position not a person. It takes only a single change to reallocate when a new person takes on a role. Tasks can link to documents for reference, people for skills and availability, risks assessments for priority, and related cases for problem solving.

Dropdown lists user definable: Workflow allows for tasks to be specified as mandatory. As your data requirements change, you can amend data validation without program changes. Fast Track also includes a customisable dictionary for spell-checking so you can include your own jargon and acronyms.

Training, support and updates

Onsite training: Implementing a new computer system is a change-management issue. Fast Track gives you the same focused attention after the sale as before. We are clear and specific about on-site technical and user training, desktop application training, generating and interpreting reports, and more.

Support: We offer quick, friendly customer support. More »

Software updates: Just as your organization will go through constant change, the world of software will continue to evolve. Fast Track will automatically keep you up to date with improvements, and our experts will be available to show you new ways to take advantage of your existing modules as you develop new needs. More »

Adding modules: All of our modules run on the same platform, and are configured for plug-in integration at any time in the future. More »

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