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More than just document and version control or change management over policies, procedures, and other reference sources, FastTrack produces maximum value from that knowledge

Including Lessons Learnt as well as reference and external documents, FastTrack delivers a single source of the truth for information.  All of this is integrated with MS Office, Outlook, SharePoint, and other modules provides information where and when workers need it.  


Information driven productivity, efficiency, & customer satisfaction

artificial-intelligence.jpgPreserving and ensuring the integrity of corporate memory, although an essential part of strict regulatory environments, is also a key factor in driving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.  With today’s shortage of expert staff, cash strapped and outsource dominated business models, it’s more about time savings; because of staffing pressures, organizations need to make better use of the staff they have. 

And the predominant cause of inefficiency and waste is information not being where needed and archaic document control requiring tremendous man-hours in reviewing documents, obtaining approval and signatures, face-to-face meetings to discuss changes, distributing revisions and follow-up staff training.


Change Management

By enabling delegation of the edit and review authority, while still retaining approval rights, senior management are no longer bound by bureaucratic processes.  FastTrack’s configurable electronic workflows include calendar follow-ups, escalation of overdue tasks, and traffic lights to highlight delays and deliver efficiency and productivity without the nagging.

Whether seamlessly publishing to a web portal or managing the obligatory paper copies, FastTrack minimizes the workload in meeting the exacting issue and distribution requirements of regulatory compliance frameworks in mission critical environments.

All with fully tracked audit history of who, when and what changes were made along with a retrievable archive of previous versions.

The Change Cycle

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Integrity and Compliance Traceability

f18.jpgAll this with the confidence of a secure data source (17 years at Dept of Defence), version controlled documents with electronic workflow review and approval change management, as well as full audit and compliance traceability built in.

FastTrack's visual mapping linking legislation to regulatory requirements to policies and procedures. It then traces through to compliance activities (training, audits, etc.) to show implementation of regulations and standards.  Mapping linked documents allow staff fast access to key information when needed, develops staff understanding of activities on obligations and provides a troubleshooting tool.

Empowering Situational Awareness

Document management is more accessing up-to-date policies and procedures off a portal, or having a verified single source of the truth.  It’s about matching all related information, including risks, resources, history and troubleshooting, from a single reference tool that can be incorporated into any operational system through a simple hyperlink.  For the first time FastTrack makes the “knowledge worker” a reality.


In what we refer to as situational awareness, FastTrack’s unique neural network architecture presents a navigable visual map of all related information, that staff can use to make informed decisions, solve problems, and rapidly respond to clients and situations from a mobile device or a hyperlink in any operational notification.

Integrated Training


It is well known that change is the primary cause of failure in an organization.  And the greatest threat from change is due to lack of staff awareness.  Whether due to physical remoteness, shift or contractor work, or just time pressures, FastTrack ensures relevant people are aware and understand a process change and its ramifications.

Integrating FastTrack's Skills and Training allows for the inclusion of a staff assessment questionnaire as part of document distribution.  Unlike tick & flick release acknowledgement, this proves staff awareness and understanding of a change to both management and regulators alike.  It also makes a useful staff induction tool as full assessment history is stored against individuals.


Solutions to Real World Problems

From our 30 years employed by world leading organizations, FastTrack has developed solutions that address the real world regulatory document control issues to provide:

  • A consistent, coherent and reliable system to create, update, approve, and archive documents and reference material
  • One of the few systems that manages both electronic and paper documents
  • Maintain traceability of documentation to regulatory framework
  • Eliminate delays and pitfalls thru an automated document review process & routing
  • Free-up senior management workload by delegating editing while retaining approval
  • Reduce conflict from chasing editors/reviewers/approvers to expedite changes
  • Stop miscommunication caused by disparate systems for different parts of compliance system for document control, CAPA, audit, training, and other processes
  • Ensure awareness by online training of operational staff in diverse locations/shifts
  • Eliminate duplication of accreditation effort across multi-site/disciplinary enterprise
  • Provide the ability to review/compare previous versions
  • Use taxonomy (indexed subject matter) to find relevant data where search functions non-existent or too inconvenient for practical day to day use
  • Simplify finding and maintaining supporting evidence for accreditation checklist items
  • Streamline inspections and audits thru compliance traceability & document mapping
  • Eliminate ambiguous document responsibilities
  • Speed up implementing changes with a monitored review/approval process
  • Confidence to cope with the ever widening regulatory coverage for document control
  • Eliminate the unauthorised use of uncontrolled documents (e.g. cheat sheets)

FastTrack Functionality

Knowledge Document Control

Fast Track’s Document Control function carries out change management through automated workflows, version tracking, publishing, distribution and disposal of internally developed Quality and Technical documents, all within a comprehensive security model to ensure integrity and published information. Integrated with SharePoint and/or intranet portals, Fast Track adds superior functionality, efficiency and integrity to common Content Management Systems.

Knowledge Reference and External Documents

Fast Track’s Reference & External Documents function provides for a single reference point for information. Registering Reference & External Documents within Fast Track allows reviews to be scheduled, distribution lists maintained, and auto linking features to be added to external data. Putting all reference sources into Fast Track brings confidence to all knowledge sources as being available and approved.

Knowledge Linking and Indexes

The Index function allows the cataloguing of documents and reference sources into logical groups for access and carrying out operations on multiple documents. Indexes link to a single source thereby allowing the one document to be accessed from any number of indexes. Cataloguing documents into indexes saves the need for searching and allows a structured approach to information which simplifies and speeds up access for knowledge worker who know for what they are looking.

Knowledge Portal and Web Publishing

Fast Track provides License Free access to Documents via a corporate web portal. Fast Track can integrate directly into an organisation’s SharePoint or intranet Portal. Documents can be automatically converted into PDF format during publishing. Fast Track can also generate and publish html index pages to simplify user navigation on the portal. The Fast Track Web Publishing function eliminates the delay and involvement of a Web Administrator in putting documents onto the intranet portal. Also Fast Track’s generated Index pages improve user ease of access with not having to search.

Knowledge Topics

Topics is a system-wide taxonomy for cataloguing not only documents but all database records based on their subject matter, such as used on eBay for product categories. This provides a single point to get a comprehensive picture. As information is linked both ways, allocating a topic to a record will display that record under the topic.

Knowledge Lessons Learnt

Knowledge encompasses not only the formal information but also thoughts, opinions and experiences of those whom we respect. Unlike Wikipedia that contaminate fact or other ‘Knowledge’ systems that ignores this valuable input, Fast Track allows for a separate database of these for FAQs, shortcuts, suggestions etc, that can be maintained by select personnel. This is a valuable source of capturing experience and reference for handling the unusual. This breeds continuous improvement.

Management Reporting

FastTrack delivers the holy grail of management reporting: real-time dashboards and customizable Excel business intelligence (BI) reports. Monitoring & consolidating corporate performance, risk and surveillance data and activities, FastTrack relates all their affects back to your processes and capabilities to whether they are underperforming or over-stressed. With a simple click to drill down, management have the information they need to make better and faster decisions at their fingertips.


Customer Review

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"We started out with the Knowledge Module. This allows the regular review of documentation, and for these documents to be published automatically to our departmental intranet if they were needed by other officers in the Department.... Fast Track has been very supportive in all aspects of this project from planning for the event, the implementation and post transition support. In particular, significant documentation and email and phone support." - GOVERNMENT AGENCY


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