Knowledge Management

KnowledgeKnowledge Management is defined as “a range of practices used in an organisation to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences”. More than just a collection of unstructured documents in a Content Management System or Portal, Knowledge requires control, validation, authorisation, structure, citation, reference but mostly to be KNOWN. This is where becomes a valuable enhancement to existing Corporate Knowledge. Today’s Corporate Knowledge is embedded not only in its Policies and Procedures but also in its practices and reference sources when it can be recalled in response to a need. That’s why Fast Track empowers your staff to be thinking that step ahead with information resources at their fingertips along with internal, reference and external documents. More importantly, with access to these resources online, resources are preserved and efficiency is enhanced. Fast Track leans toward the more user-friendly Business Process document structure rather than being limited by ISO standard. Issuing documents, updating history of changes, cross referencing related documents and diarising the next review and extracting distribution lists, are all automated.

Validation and verification is managed by Fast Track’s Electronic Workflow, citation and reference by automatic cross referencing and hyper linking, and value adding through integration with MS Office, Outlook, SharePoint, plus integration with other modules.

  • Internal & External Data Sources
  • All document format: MSOffice, PDF, images, drawing, etc
  • Document Approval & Publishing Workflows
  • Change and Version Control
  • Electronic and Paper Reference Sources
  • Full database interrogation & Search
  • Automatic Hyper linking & cross references
  • Web Publishing with PDF conversion
  • SharePoint/Portal Integration and search
  • Indexes and Distribution Lists
  • Knowledge Bank for Notes, Hints and FAQs

Knowledge Document Control

Fast Track’s Document Control function carries out change management through automated workflows, version tracking, publishing, distribution and disposal of internally developed Quality and Technical documents, all within a comprehensive security model to ensure integrity and published information.

Integrated with SharePoint and/or intranet portals, Fast Track adds superior functionality, efficiency and integrity to common Content Management Systems.



  • Separate Draft & Published documents
  • Version control & change history
  • Workflow of revisions, review & approvals
  • Email referral with diary reminders
  • Revisions marking and comments
  • Multiple editors and reviewer

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Knowledge Reference and External Documents

Fast Track’s Reference & External Documents function provides for a single reference point for information. Registering Reference & External Documents within Fast Track allows reviews to be scheduled, distribution lists maintained, and auto linking features to be added to external data.

Putting all reference sources into Fast Track brings confidence and commonality to all Knowledge sources as being available and approved.


  • Register reference & external documents
  • Reference documents are websites and other files not physically stored in Fast Track
  • External documents are hard copy format and still control the issues
  • E.g. Legislation, MSDS’s, standards, manuals and other specifications

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Knowledge Linking and Indexes

The Index function allows the cataloguing of documents and reference sources into logical groups for access and carrying out operations on multiple documents. Indexes link to a single source thereby allowing the one document to be accessed from any number of indexes.

Cataloguing documents into indexes saves the need for searching and allows a structured approach to information which simplifies and speeds up access for knowledge worker who know for what they are looking.



  • Auto identifies references to other documents
  • Auto converts related documents to hyperlink
  • Always opens the latest version of that document
  • Displays a list of all links per document
  • Ability to link documents to keywords
  • Can allocate “alias” for Keywords

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Knowledge Portal and Web Publishing

Fast Track provides Licence Free access to Documents via a corporate web portal. Fast Track can integrate directly into an organisation’s SharePoint or intranet Portal. Documents can be automatically converted into PDF format during publishing. Fast Track can also generate and publish htm index pages to simplify user navigation on the portal.

The Fast Track Web Publishing function eliminates the delay and involvement of a Web Administrator in putting documents onto the intranet portal. Also Fast Track’s generated Index pages improve user ease of access with not having to search.


  • Automatically converts documents in either Word, Excel or PDF
  • Automatically copies documents to relevant intranet/website
  • Generates HTML web pages for manual Table of Contents
  • Lodges Customer Complaints, Non-conformances and Incidents on same intranet
  • No-need for Web Administrators

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Knowledge Topics

Topics is a hierarchical system-wide Taxonomy for cataloguing not only documents but all database records based on their subject matter, such as used on eBay for product categories.

This provides a single point to get a comprehensive picture of a topic. As Fast Track always links information both ways, allocating a topic to a record will display that record under the topic.



  • Ability to find documents by entering in words that would appear in title or other fields
  • Also looks at document metadata including history and specification
  • Sorts documents by Owner, Topic, Issue Date or any other field
  • View documents by Subject and Keyword

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Knowledge Bank

Knowledge encompasses not only the formal information but also thoughts, opinions and experiences of those whom we respect. Unlike Wikipedia that contaminate fact or other ‘Knowledge’ systems that ignores this valuable input, Fast Track allows for a separate database of these for FAQs, shortcuts, suggestions etc, that can be maintained by select personnel.

This is a valuable source of capturing experience and reference for handling the unusual. This breeds staff involvement in the Continuous Improvement process.


  • Link to customers, suppliers, equipment, etc
  • Can specify multiple Keywords
  • Allows attachment of any file type

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Knowledge Records

Records Management manages both electronic and paper based records, including electronic workflow and approval. Records Management provides a simple repository for recording, tracking and archiving companywide records.



  • Word/Excel forms completed online
  • Workflow with email reminders & escalation
  • History of activity, correspondence, workflow
  • Attachment of notes, & related files
  • Scheduled review
  • Comprehensive security module for access

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Knowledge Reports

As Fast Track utilises Crystal Reports as it reporting tool, this function allows cataloguing user generated reports on top of 100+ standard reports that come with Fast Track. This allows custom reports to access the Fast Track Report Wizard and Report Scheduler as if written by Fast Track.


  • Uses Crystal Reports
  • Report Wizard to select scope, range and criteria every run
  • Ability to save user selection for future recall
  • Reports can be saved in Word, Excel or PDF formats
  • Output reports to screen, printer, web/portal, or email to list
  • Schedule automatic periodic production of sets of reports

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