Solutions for the Mining Industry

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Over 30 years, Fast Track has supplied compliance and risk management software to safety critical businesses -- delivering in record time (3-month deployments are not uncommon) from order to production. Implementation and setup follow our proven methodology. Support agreements include software updates at no additional change, as well as access to a help desk.

A single platform to manage diverse functions enables you to manage diverse functions with modules from a single supplier. For example, the Workplace Management module covers inductions, committees, health programs, injury management, claims, rehabilitation and workplace disputes. It provides an effective system through notification of obligations, escalation of outstanding activities, and a fully comprehensive and integrated approach from prevention programs to rehabilitation. Applications include:

  • Health & Safety: Inductions, Safety Management, Health Programmes, Injury Management, and Rehabilitation
  • Environmental: Licences & Legislation, Emergency Management, Incident Management, Reduction Programs, and KPI\Data Monitoring
  • Quality Management: Document Control, Audit Management, Corrective Actions, Customer Compliants, and Equipment Calibration
  • Risk: Hazard Register, Risk Assessments, Risk Calculator, Controls & Mitigation, and Reminders and Escalation
  • Engineering: Equipment Register, Maintenance & Calibration, Equipment Tracking, Work Orders, and Inventory Management
  • Contracts: Business Agreement, Tenders and Quotes, Contract Review, Contract Development, and Obligations

Customer example

One customer, engineering consultants Parsons Brinkerhoff, use’s Compliance Management Module to handle contractor selection and conformance; Audit Management for project compliance; Document Control for quality management; and Contract Management for proposal and contract preparation and tracking. allows connectivity to PB’s master Oracle database in New York, for seamless integration with their existing project management applications.