Partnering with Fast Track

There is one area where the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is generating growth and that understandably is Governance, Risk and Compliance. And it is an area that lacks Enterprise level solutions due to the complex nature of Governance. Fast Track's 30 years in the field has allowed it to develop a comprehensive solution tried and tested at the likes of Dept of Defence and Motorola.

Fast Track is looking for potential business partners in:

  • SE Asia
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • UK/Europe
  • USA and North America

Reach a premium market sector

This is an opportunity for large SI and Consulting Houses to use the FastTrack GRC Tool as a platform for providing long term business services to a premium market sector. We offer a "recession-proof" business model (Govt & Regulatory) backed by substantial existing client references (Dept of Defence & Motorola) that is extremely competitively priced, with much faster implementation (greater productivity) than traditional approaches.

An ideal partner is an established systems integrator or consulting firm with customers in the defence, government, regulatory, utilities, and large corporate markets. These organisations can differentiate by leveraging Fast Track’s cost-effective and rapid-deployment technology to increase productivity and return on core services.

Key facts

  • Total software revenue growing by 24% annually
  • GRC software platforms grew from $590 million in 2006 to an estimated $1.3 billion in 2011
  • Enterprise risk and compliance management is now becoming defined as a “business process” within many organisations
  • According to IDC, the worldwide GRC market is expected to grow to $76B in 2013 with a CAGR of 10.2%

Market position

According to OCEG, a non-profit that helps organisations by enhancing corporate culture and integrating governance, risk management, and compliance processes, the largest software provider to the GRC space is Microsoft with Excel, SharePoint, and Word – as well as other technologies such as using email for workflow.

Organizations continue to trudge through poorly defined risk and compliance processes by using band-aids of desktop applications instead of a platform built for specific risk and compliance purposes. This is a significant concern – and one that needs to be addressed. Governance, risk, and compliance information and processes house some of the most sensitive and critical information of an organization. Any organization relying on desktop applications as their risk and compliance backbone should consider the high level of risk associated with this approach. The global market space for Governance, Risk and Compliance (“GRC”) is generally acknowledged as growing rapidly. With regulators forcing greater “risk management” and “compliance requirements” on business, and management simultaneously seeking better “risk and compliance” management solutions to improve their own performance across a range of business scenarios, the market for next generation GRC software is growing explosively.