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compliance management solution

Strategic Management Module: Ensure a single coordinated approach

Strategic Management Data SheetTo be successful, governance frameworks require a single coordinated and integrated approach. does this first by linking objectives, obligation, directives, and initiatives, and then combining that package with enterprise risk management, proactive reporting of key performance indicators, and management of board processes and decisions. By focusing the true aims of the systems, this avoids the ‘spinning wheels’ syndrome where there is a lot of activity without any perceivable gains in performance. 
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compliance management solution

Risk Management Module: Assess and manage exposure

risk management data sheet

A formal framework for risk assessment allows your organisation to better manage its resources. This module includes not only a Risk Calculator and Risk Assessment functions, but also a Hazard Logs function to log identified hazards requiring attention, either directly or via a web portal. With our Control Items function you can define your own lists of all control categories for risk mitigation including equipment, processes, environment, safeguards, etc.’s neural-network architecture lets you apply advanced risk management practices through all corporate management practices. More »

compliance management solution

Compliance Management Module: Automate compliance activity

Compliance Audit Management

Many executives don't think they get much for the money they spend on compliance. They're right, if they have been focused on short-term goals such as passing annual audits. The key is to think in the long term by taking the knowledge, skills and technologies acquired through compliance efforts to create a foundation for improvement in other areas. Automating compliance management activity frees up your compliance and risk management specialists.More »

compliance management solution

Competency Management Module: Easily generate a complete skills matrix

Skills & Training Competencies

Fast Track's Competency Management module makes it simple to track staff qualifications and renewal of licences. You can build a comprehensive database of staffs skills, qualifications and training needs. A training course module allows you to create a register of all courses held as well as a list of attendees, training variations and feedback. One entry against a Training Program automatically posts course competencies against each attendee. Fast Track provides a set of reports together with a complete skills matrix for any form of analysis. More » 

compliance management solution

Knowledge Management Module: Structure organisational knowledge

Quality System Management

An organisation's knowledge is spread across all its policies, procedures, practices and reference sources. Usually it's in the form of documents, but an unstructured collection of documents will yield little value. To get maximum value from that knowledge, an organisation first must know what's out there, and then be able to validate it, authorise it, structure it, and refer to it when needed. Fast Track’s Reference & External Documents function provides a single reference point for information. Fast Track makes it easy to schedule reviews, maintain distribution lists, and auto-link to external data. All of this is integrated with MS Office, Outlook, SharePoint, plus integration with other modules. More »

compliance management solution

Contract Management Module: Simplify handling of agreements

Enterprise Contract ManagementBusiness agreements require inputs from multiple departments and can affect even more. handles all aspects of business agreements. Contract deliverables or obligations can be recorded and allocated to key personnel. Automatic reminder emails are scheduled for these deliverables, and key personnel are notified when due. You will obtain a full report of all the obligations due for each contract and establish which deliverables are still outstanding. More » 

compliance management solution

Environmental Management Module: Reduce energy costs and waste

Critical Incident Case ManagementBy taking substantial voluntary steps, companies can persuade governments and the wider public that they are taking environmental issues seriously. It's also good business. By reducing energy costs and waste, you'll gain more efficiency. Fast Track's Environmental Management module maintains a register of regulations grouped in user-defined categories. The system can handle differing regional and discipline requirements. It maintains a database of related licenses, manages key environmental data, and handles plans for dealing with environment emergencies. More » 

compliance management solution

Workplace Management Module: Automate, integrate, and document

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) softwareFast Track's Workplace Management module covers inductions, committees, health programs, injury management, claims, rehabilitation and workplace disputes. It provides an effective system through notification of obligations, escalation of outstanding activities, and a comprehensive and integrated approach from prevention programs to rehabilitation. More » 

compliance management solution

Resource Management Module: Track and improve productivity

Time management is essential for any lean, financially sound organization. A relaxed or unorganized approach generally results in makeshift measures that create unnecessary problems. By consolidating and coordinating all individual and organisational commitments, you'll see dramatic improvement productivity. Fast Track's Resources Management module can be used to manage facilities, projects, personnel commitments, events and schedules. Fast track’s Resource module gives the user total control and flexibility throughout an activity or event, from minor audit to a major project. More »

compliance management solution

Equipment Management Module: Extend the service life of valuable assets

Enterprise Asset ManagementEquipment Management is much more than a list of machines, vehicles, software or other assets. Equipment Management covers all aspects of any type of equipment including schedules for maintenance, schedules for calibration, non-conformances and faults. Everything relating to a piece of equipment can be kept together for ease of location within the one module. Repair orders can be raised and tracked. An inventory of parts can be tracked and usage recorded. Any equipment that is sublet or shifted to another location is recorded. More » 


compliance management software      compliance management software