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 Driving productivity and efficiency thru
 insight, accountability and visibility


In the Cloud or On-Premise is the fully-integrated Quality Management software designed and developed specifically for Australian testing laboratories. In the Cloud or On-Premise, manages quality, risk and compliance across mission-critical organisations like WA Dept of Health, Australian Clinical Laboratories and Victorian Infectious Diseases control laboratories. 

A growing number of Australian enterprises in all government and industry sectors are wanting or needing to achieve and maintain quality certification. For Quality Managers, and members of Quality Teams, productivity can be severely affected by the need to attend to documentation requirements, audits and inspections, corrective actions, and the plethora of other time-consuming tasks arising from various accreditations or certifications.  FastTrack QMS radically simplifies the entire quality certification management process so that all those involved with quality management can regain their productivity, and risk-related factors are embraced in absolute compliance with ISO 9001:2015.


Quality Management from six mission critical components:

Policies & Procedures

Knowledge Document Control software

Document version & change control with compliance traceability

When Document control is not just good practice but imperative to life & limb, Fast Track produces maximum value without the overhead. With automated compliance traceability, change & version control, and web publishing, FastTrack delivers a single point of truth integrated with Outlook, and SharePoint.
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Audit Managment System

Compliance Audit Management

Using rIsk based Audit & Corrective action to drive continuous improvement offers comprehensive risk based audit management to drive continuous improvement from audit findings and corrective actions. Diary tracking, traffic lights, and compliance traceability provide senior management the confidence that your regulatory compliance is securely managed.
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Equipment Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Using ISO 55000 to realize value from Equipment’s ISO 55000 Asset Management software optimizes planning, asset selection, acquisition/development, utilization, maintenance and ultimate disposal/renewal of assets, that maximises ROI and realize value from assets.
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Competencies & Proficiencies

Skills & Training Competencies

Develops positive culture and build reputation to drive productivity

Ensuring awareness of regulatory compliance obligations, tracking renewal of staff licences and qualification with automatic reminders, and highlight proficiency gaps for  staff, contractors, and visitors alike.
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Performance & Analytics


Configurable Executive dashboards, Excel & PowerBI analytics drives productivity by giving management real-time insight to operational performance, bottlenecks, areas in need of attention thru configurable executive dashboards, Excel & PowerBI analytics and visual mapping compliance
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Environment Management

Environmental Management software

ISO 14001 Environment Management

Built around ISO 14001 compliance, links Environment Management to processes and risks to deliver analytical and predictive capabilities empowering organisations to predict and prevent future incidents, as well as best-of-breed environemental management.
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PDCA is NOT Best Practice

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How to select the right GRC software for your needs?

Faced with all of today's choices in enterprise compliance software, the task of picking out the best can be daunting. It's not enough for the software to work well. It must work well for your organisation. That's why a vendor can have a fine product that's still a bad fit.

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Mining Regulation Compliance: How a Top Gold Producer Uses Fast Track

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Some of Australia's biggest mission critical organizations chose as their QMS software.


The QMS Advantage.


FastTrack Quality Management System is key to compliance with ISO 9001:2015. With greater emphasis on building a management system suited to each organisation’s particular needs; a requirement that those at the top of an organisation be involved and accountable, aligning quality with wider business strategy; risk-based thinking throughout the standard makes the whole management system a preventive tool and encourages continuous improvement; less prescriptive requirements for documentation: the organisation can now decide what documented information it needs and what format it should be in; alignment with other key management system standards through the use of a common structure and core text. FastTrack delivers organisations with the ultimate ISO 9001 quality management system.

Fast Track is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Cloud Service Provider utilizing Microsoft’s Azure platform to provide industry leading and secure GRC on the cloud. Headquarters are in Queensland with representives in the Mid-East and South America. Contact us at +61 7 5597 2077.

Extreme productivity and rapid implementation.

FastTrack is easy to use with an intuitive interface, leveraging on environments and processes which users are already familiar with. So, with FastTrack, there are none of the usual barriers and impediments presented by people having to learn new ways of doing things. FastTrack is quick to set up and roll-out through the organisation. Compatible with the business systems you’re using now, FastTrack modules can be implemented individually, or combined into an integrated, enterprise-wide GRC system. FastTrack is ultimately dependable, that’s why it’s chosen for the most mission-critical environments including aviation, medical and scientific laboratories, utilities, mining, manufacturing, engineering and construction, health care, and government departments.


Neural Networking: What it means to you

neural-networking-450w-300x200.jpgNeural networking is a method of artificial intelligence where relationships between different pieces of data are identified and linked based on relevance.  It's the same type of technology used by Google and Facebook to recommend subjects or friends.  Applying this technology to risk and compliance unleashes insights into your organisation and business environment that allows management to operate from an informed basis instead of just gut-feel. 

Predictive analytics can uncover hidden gems as well as threats and provide real options moving forward.  Fast Track brings a truely innovative platform to managing risk and compliance in a marketplace dominated by heatmaps and historical reporting.


Use any QMS MODULES on their own or together, fully integrated. The power of




Take control over outcomes with pro-active INTERACTIVE Quality Management TOOLS:


Cloud hosted in Australian datacentres





Acknowledged subject matter authority



On-Site Training & Australian based Support


Visual mapping of relationships


Diary Tracking with traffic lights & auto escalation


PowerBI & Excel analytics



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