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Recording of a live demonstration of the FastTrack Governance, Risk and Compliance functions available and key product benefits.


Rely on the specialists in corporate compliance and enterprise risk management for safety-critical businesses: Fast Track. We can create the package you need, at a surprisingly good price, and get it into operation quickly. Because if the Department of Defence relies on us, you can too.

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About us

For 30 years Fast Track has specialised in compliance software for medium to large organisations. Our platform is deployed throughout global companies such as Motorola and PB; high-security institutions such as the Australian Department of Defence and Department of Justice; and leading organisations in health, mining, quality management, and utilities, among other industries. Customers include:

compliance management

Fast Track is an ISO3100 compliant Microsoft Certified Partner based in Queensland, Australia: +61 7 5591 8977.


compliance management

"Fast Track was purchased as a single quality management solution for the functions of document control and internal audit/corrective actions so that 5 legacy systems could be united into a single system that would comply with our external accreditation requirements."
-- Government agency
compliance management

"With other software, the big problem is that you can't set it up on a position. You set it up on a person. And when that person leaves, you've got to go through and change that name on every document. With Fast Track you set the ownership on a position or a title rather than a person. The other thing I liked about it is has a history of changes. Some documents have 2,000 changes, and it keeps track."
-- Beverage company
compliance management

"The department’s outlay (when compared to other document management systems) has provided an excellent return over the past 14 years. As a testament to this we continue to be Quality Certified (into 2014) and we are expanding our certification to cover other areas in the next 12 months."
-- Government agency