Compliance & Risk Management Systems for Regulatory Bodies

Trusted by the Department of Justice, Department of Health, Defence Department, and Department of Agriculture

For 30 years has been the preferred regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management software for agencies such as the Department of Justice, Department of Health, Department of Defense, and Department of Agriculture. We also serve the Australian Quarantine and Inspecion Service, National Serological Reference Laboratories, and the South Australia Department of Health.

In one case, the Department of Agriculture first hired a better known company, and it got bogged down after 18 months of trying to set up a system. Fast Track was brought in to start over. In four months we were able to accomplish what our larger competitor couldn't do in 18 months.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software supports dozens of functions

  • Authorisation: Compliance Assurance, Regulatory Framework, Organisations Approvals, Airworthiness Boards, and Training & Proficiencies
  • Compliance management: Audit & Inspections, CARs & Preventive Actions, Obligations & Regulations, Customer Compliants, and Investigations
  • Credentialing management: Skills & Qualifications, Insurances & Agreements, Compliant History, Rosters & Scheduling, and Training & Proficiencies
  • Risk management: Hazard Register, Risk Assessments, Risk Calculator, Controls & Mitigation, and Reminders and Escalation
  • Regulatory compliance: Document Control, Publishing & Distribution, External & References, Linking & Search, and SharePoint Integration
  • Contracts management: Business Agreement, Tenders and Quotes, Contract Review, Contract Development, and Obligations

Administrators have control & flexibility

With, administrators have control and flexibility throughout the compliance assurance and certification process. From registration though assessment to production of client certificates and Letters of Authority along with scheduling their review and renewal, offers seamless integration with both the Compliance (audit) and Risk modules to give a comprehensive view of organisation's compliance assurance status.