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Manage facilities, projects, personnel commitments, events and schedules. Total control and flexibility throughout an activity or event, from minor audit to a major project. A-tier customers. Success since 1981.



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Time management is essential for any lean, financially sound organization. A relaxed or unorganized approach generally results in makeshift measures that create unnecessary problems. By consolidating and coordinating all individual and organisational commitments, you'll see dramatic improvement productivity.

Fast Track's Resources Management module can be used to manage facilities, projects, personnel commitments, events and schedules. Fast track’s Resource module gives the user total control and flexibility throughout an activity or event, from minor audit to a major project.

Resources Facilities Management

This function maintains a Facilities database broken down into a matrix of areas within the facility for booking and scheduling, environmental licensing, risk management, and tracking. The Facilities database provides an analysis point for reporting and consolidating all related information.

Resources Project Management

Resource Projects is a repository for tracking & managing projects detail and information. Features include scheduling milestones, managing project meetings, allocating personnel, risk management and tracking tasks through electronic workflows. This function provides a simple tool implementing formal project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 or PMP.

Resources Commitments

Fast Track’s Resources Commitments provides a repository for noting non activity and personal commitments of staff and resources to avoid conflict when booking or allocating resources to tasks. By tracking unavailability of personnel and resources maximises the accuracy of scheduling and on-time delivery of milestones.

Resources Events Management

Fast Track’s Event Management covers scheduling activities and facilities, preparation with generating checklists, allocation of personnel and resources, tracking tasks through electronic workflows with following up on outstanding issues. Coordinating a myriad of activities and personnel and presenting at widely available information portal for all involved in imperative in ensuring a successful event.

Resources Task Management

Resource Tasks are workflow based system to handle all miscellaneous tasks in an organisation. Integrated with the Fast Track calendar and diary tracking functions this provides a comprehensive Electronic Task Management tool. The automatic workflow notification, reminders, and escalations ensure all tasks are fully implemented on time. With the Workflow including reassessment, Fast Track creates an environment for Continuous Improvement and Mitigation.

Resources Scheduling and Rostering

Fast Track Resource Scheduling & Rostering tools provide a graphical user interface for planning, scheduling and resourcing tasks, events, and projects. Features include 5 year timeline, drag & drop movements, personnel commitments, and interested parties notifications. This visually appealing tool will increase organisational productivity through coordination of resources.


Customer Review

resources management software

"We needed a generic, agile, commercial off-the-shelf database that was capable of process flow management. We found more and more what the broad capability of the system truly was the more we got into it." - GOVERNMENT AGENCY


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