Resources Management

ResourcesBy consolidating and coordinating all personal and organisational commitments overall organisationally productivity can show dramatic improvement.

  • Persons Database
  • Assets and Facilities Management (non financial)
  • One-Off & Recurring Tasks with Workflows
  • Meetings with schedules, Agendas and Action Lists
  • Event Management
  • Project Management
  • Rostering /Resource Scheduler for and task allocation
  • Diary Tracking for Person, Dept., My Staff
  • Working Calendars interfaced with Outlook

Resources Task Management

Resource Tasks are workflow based system to handle all miscellaneous tasks in an organisation. Integrated with the FastTrack calendar and diary tracking functions this provides a comprehensive Electronic Task Management tool.

The automatic workflow notification, reminders, and escalations ensure all tasks are fully implemented on time. With the Workflow including reassessment, Fast Track creates an environment for Continuous Improvement and Mitigation.



  • Workflow with email reminders & escalation
  • History of activity, correspondence, workflow
  • Attachment of case notes, & related files
  • Scheduled review
  • Comprehensive security module for access

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