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30 years in risk management working with the likes of Dept of Defence, Victorian Infectious Disease Laboratories and Dept of Justice, as well as business excellence leaders such as Motorola, Fosters and Serco, has given Fast Track the understanding that all risks are related and therefore their complex interrelationships need to be modeled to effective.

Understanding risk means we know to set risk objectives to strategic business objectives and allow aggregation of risk both horizontally as well as vertically Commercially-off-the-Shelf (COTS), Fast Track delivers a comprehensive 21st century enterprise risk management system including:

  • Tightly aligned ISO31000 principles
  • Multiple risk profiles & risk calculators
  • Tying of risks to business objective
  • Both horizontal and vertical risk aggregation
  • Environmental scanning thru KRI triggers
  • Opportunity management and continuous improvement

   enterprise risk management software

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About Fast Track Pty Ltd (AUS)
enterprise risk management software

For 30 years Fast Track has specialised in compliance software for medium to large organisations. Our platform is deployed throughout global companies such as Motorola and PB; high-security institutions such as the Australian Department of Defence and Department of Justice; and leading organisations in health, mining, quality management, and utilities, among other industries. Fast Track is a Microsoft Certified Partner based in Queensland, Australia. Contact us at +61 7 5597 2077.

compliance management compliance management compliance management
"Fast Track was purchased as a single quality management solution for the functions of document control and internal audit/corrective actions so that 5 legacy systems could be united into a single system that would comply with our external accreditation requirements."
-- Government agency
"With other software, the big problem is that you can't set it up on a position. You set it up on a person. And when that person leaves, you've got to go through and change that name on every document. With Fast Track you set the ownership on a position or a title rather than a person. The other thing I liked about it is has a history of changes. Some documents have 2,000 changes, and it keeps track."
-- Beverage company
"The department’s outlay (when compared to other document management systems) has provided an excellent return over the past 14 years. As a testament to this we continue to be Quality Certified (into 2014) and we are expanding our certification to cover other areas in the next 12 months."
-- Government agency