School Registration Compliance Management Module

For managing the registration compliance obligations of non-government K-12 schools and colleges, FastTrack leverages world-class technology and proven best practices to boost efficiency and streamline processes across campus.



2014-12-30_12.06.01.jpg FastTrack provides a comprehensive set of compliance tracking and escalation tools to meet you obligations under the NGS Registration Standards and Other Requirements

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NGS Registration Compliance

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With FastTrack solutions, school compliance can be visually mapped from Registration Standards thru school policies & procedures to staff skills and obligations. Student risk & incident management is monitored with built-in escalation and generated regulatory reporting within a Dept. of Defence secure environment.

With instant access to a secure repository for NGS registration standards compliance, your Board can meet their obligations and responsibilities along with the enforceable reporting timeline to assure the school’s reputation against negative publicity resulting from registration compliance failures and:

  • deliver the best possible student pastoral care thru using leading risk management and mitigation practices
  • reduce teacher & staff overhead in fulfilling their obligations under the registration standard
  • confidently meet the onerous regulatory reporting timelines of the registration standards
  • be confident they are fulfilling the legal responsibilities and ensuring the highest level of care for students and staff alike
  • eliminate inefficiencies that negatively impact your school’s competitive advantage
  • privacy and confidentiality of sensitive compliance issues and data in a proven secure environment

Compliance Traceability

FastTrack's visual mapping delivers a navigable single source of the truth, linking legislation to registration standard requirements to school policies and procedures. It then traces thru to compliance activities (training, audits, etc.) to show implementation of registration standards. With mapping linked to documents allows staff fast access to key info when needed plus develops staff understanding of activities on obligations while providing a  troubleshooting tool.




Register of Obligations

With the increased complexity of regulations and due diligence obligations of boards, maintaining real-time oversight of range of school registration compliance requirements can turn into a nightmare. By scheduling, notifying, assisting to production of regulatory reports, and escalating outstanding issues, FastTrack manages all staff/management obligations across campus allowing the board to concentrate on its core purpose instead of being distracted by the noise of registration compliance.

Hazard Reporting

Fast Track allows anyone to lodge hazard reports from your existing community portal to encourage the maintenance of a safe environment for both faculty and students alike.  From annonymous reports of tentative breaches of care to environmental hazards, FastTrack will not only direct the report to the appropriate person by initiating a predefined workflow but will continue to monitor and escalate if need be. Combined with Incident Reporting and Risk Assessments, they become an input to FastTrack's predictive analytics to ensure the continuing improvement to school environment.

Skills and Training

Training_Survey.pngFast Track's Skills and Training module makes it simple to track staff skills & qualifications along with Training Needs, renewal of licences, and management of training programs.  From tracking induction, thru online assessments, from Training Gap Analysis to Skills Matrix, Fast Track ensure you maintain the full set of organisational skills and awareness mandated by the registration standards. With today's flexible work practices ensure you have appropriately trained fire wardens, Epi-pen users, police clearances, etc, exposes school boards and school reputations unwarranted risks. 


Policies and Procedures

More than just Document Control over policies, procedures, practices and reference sources, Fast Track produces maximum value from that knowledge, allowing an organisation to know what's out there, thru comprehensive cross referencing, and then be able to validate it, authorise it, structure it, and refer to it when needed.  Including Lessons Learnt and Reference & External Documents functions, FastTrack delivers a single reference point for information.  All of this is integrated with MS Office, Outlook, SharePoint, and other modules provides information where and when workers need it.

Audit Management & CARs

Using risk based auditing techniques to target surveillance minimizes staff overhead while still ensuring full compliance with registration standards.  Linking audit checklists back to registration standard requirement allows easy demonstration of compliance of each requirement to assessors, while automated workflows, traffic lights and follow-up notifications ensures all obligations are met and on time.

Risk Management

Upgrade to industry leading risk and incident management used by Dept of Defence and Motorola that will enhance your reputation for pastoral care.  ISO 31000 compliant solution capable of hourly escalation, pro-active monitoring of risks and hazards and mapping obligations to risk drivers and influences. Uploading existing data from Excel spreadsheets minimises the workload of transferring to FastTrack.

Incident Management & Investigations 

Investigations provide for a comprehensive and secure Case Management tool to plan, record, coordinate, and report on investigations. Features include electronic workflows; recording Case Notes periodic reporting; attachment of evidence, examples, and correspondence; and audit logging of actions.

A comprehensive security model provides cross department access on a case by case basis while ensuring confidence in confidentiality of data and findings.


Management ReportingCorpDashboard.png

FastTrack delivers the holy grail of GRC: real-time governance. Monitoring & consolidating corporate performance, risk and surveillance data and activities, FastTrack relates all their affects back to your Corporate Objectives and capabilities to whether they’re underperforming or over-stressed. Directors and C-Level executive can now make better and faster decisions.







Customer review

compliance management system

"Fast track was purchased as a single quality management solution for the functions of document control and internal audit / corrective actions so that 5 legacy systems could be united into a single system that would comply with our external accreditation requirements." - GOVERNMENT AGENCY


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