30 years of customer praise for outstanding support

Fast Track provides product support by phone and/or online along with software updates, ongoing training, FAQs and documentation. 

Benchmarks: In 2012 Fast Track's average time from receiving a support call to issue resolution was 3.4 hours. We are on a mission of continuous improvement and follow best practices in order to get even faster. For 30 years our staff has earned customer praise for their emphasis on listening carefully, dedication to providing real solutions, and professionalism with every customer. Please scroll down for some sample customer reviews.

Options: Support can also include onsite visits/programming software updates, customisation of existing Crystal reports, installation & training on new updates, an annual system & requirements review, and an annual training plan. Onsite visits/programming can be used for modifications, training, reporting and/or consulting.

Onsite training: Implementing a new computer system is a change-management issue. Fast Track gives you the same focused attention after the sale as before. We are clear and specific about on-site technical and user training, desktop application training, generating and interpreting reports, and more.

Software updates: Fast Track automatically keeps you up to date with improvements. In addition our experts are available to demonstrate ways to get more from your existing modules as you develop new needs.

Adding modules: All of our modules run on the same platform, and are configured for plug-in integration at any time in the future.

Customer reviews

Here is how one of our contacts at a major governement agency described us:

"Fast Track has always provided excellent support to me as the system administrator, and I have been alone in this role until the last 12 months. I now have others who have been trained in the role and Fast Track has provided the same level of support to these other officers.... [Technical Director] Greg has been particularly responsive to our needs, as are all his staff."

Asked what led him to Fast Track, a contstruction industry customer commented, 

"Fast Track’s team, while small, was very accessible in the initial negotiations and start-up. There were challenges as expected with a tool that can accommodate significant ‘tailoring’, but Fast Track's team was professional and accessible during implementation."

A long-time customer at another agency writes:

"If you have a problem you can just ring them up. If they can't fix it over the phone, [Technical Director] Greg himself will actually come down and fix it."

And our contact at yet another national agency commented,

Fast Track has been very supportive in all aspects of this project from planning for the event, the implementation and post transition support. In particular, significant documentation and email and phone support. The implementation went relatively smoothly. When issues did arise, a solution was quickly identified and the Fast Track team worked in unison with my team and the Information Technology staff at our Department to ensure everything was on track in a short period of time."

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