Solutions for Utilities

Trusted by SERCO, SA Water, Yarra Valley Water, and PB is out-of-the-box software delivering efficiency & performance through integrated enterprise quality, HS&E and risk management solutions to ISO31000. For 30 years Fast Track has supplied compliance and risk management software to safety critical businesses including utilities such as Yarra Valley Water, SERCO, and SA Water.

Yarra Valley Water originally tried Oracle, IBM and Accenture, then switched to Fast Track after trials onsite

Yarra Valley Water, the largest of Melbourne’s three water corporations, published a tender in 2006 for the implementation of their enterprise task management system. At first they opted for big players -- including Oracle, IBM and Accenture. However, none were able to meet their needs and timeframe. Yarra Valley Water reassessed Fast Track’s bid and after onsite trials, chose Fast Track.

A single platform to manage diverse functions enables you to manage diverse functions with modules from a single supplier. For example:

  • Governance: Business Planning, Innovation & Initiatives, Obligations & Regulations, Balanced Scorecard, and Boards Administration
  • Compliance: Audit Management, Corrective Actions, Obligations & Regulations, Customer Compliants, and Investigations
  • Risk: Risk Assessments, Hazard Register, Risk Calculator, Controls & Mitigation, and Reminders and Escalation
  • Knowledge: Document Control, Publishing & Distribution, External & References, Linking & Search, and Lessons Learned
  • Engineering: Equipment Register, Maintenance & Calibration, Equipment Tracking, Work Orders, and Inventory Management
  • Contracts: Business Agreements, Tenders and Quotes, Contract Reviews, Contract Development, and Contract Obligations 

Switching takes as few as 90-100 days

We continually deliver in record time (3 month deployments are not uncommon) from order to production.