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Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) software

Due diligence requires a company officer (which includes company directors) to take reasonable steps to ensure the business complies with its work health and safety obligations.  An officer must have high, yet attainable standards of due diligence. These standards reflect the position and influence of the officer within the business.  Penalties include personal fines and jail sentences for managers and directors.


Fast Track's Workplace Management module covers inductions, committees, health programs, injury management, claims, rehabilitation and workplace disputes. It provides an effective system through notification of obligations, escalation of outstanding activities, and a comprehensive and integrated approach from prevention programs to rehabilitation



OHS management system

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Workplace Inductions

Workplace Inductions is a system for scheduling, managing, and history tracking of attendance of Induction Training programs across the organisation for employees, contractors and visitors. This includes management of training material and integrates with Skills database. On sites where up-to-date Induction is mandatory, warning to contractors and visitors of their expiry prevents delays when they arrive for urgent work or deliveries.

Workplace Management

Workplace Management manages Management and Safety Committees, Toolbox Meetings, and Steering groups fundamental to effective Workplace Health & Safety. Membership, responsibilities, minutes and action items are tracked. Preparation of agendas, automatic notification and reminders prevents delays and time-wasting in meetings. Follow up of action items ensures effectiveness of meetings preventing lack of interest.

Workplace Health Programs

Health Programs is a secure database for tracking Drug & Alcohol Testing, Hearing Checking, etc as well as managing Preventive Health programs. Fast Track’s comprehensive Security Model ensures only nominated personnel can access individual records and even information within a record.

Workplace Injury

Recording of all Incidents and Injury Management in compliance with AS/NZ Standards and other legislative requirements and reporting needs.

The automated cross referencing of Injured Parties, witnesses, people involved, reported by, etc allows the identification of pattern of involvement. Standard reporting by dept, cause, Injury Frequency Rates, etc simplifies regulatory reporting requirements.

Workplace Claims

Claims are workflow based tasks for tracking Workers Compensation insurance claims. This is a non-financial database to monitor progress of externally lodged claims. Where claims are reimbursing monies already paid, expediting payments can be to the benefit of both employer and employee.

Workplace Rehabilitation

The Workplace Rehabilitation function covers development of Rehabilitation Plans, case management of Rehabilitation Programs for individuals, and monitoring Return to Work (RTW) activities. Utilising a formal framework to plan and manage the rehabilitation of injured employees has been shown to minimize the time back to normal employment thereby improving productivity.

Workplace Disputes

Disputes are workflow based tasks for tracking of all Workplace Disputes from Common Law Claims through WC Appeals, to Harassment and Equal Opportunity complaints. Assisting and managing any dispute in the sensitive area can prevent long term deterioration in staff relations which can quickly spread through the workforce.


Customer Review

ohs management system

"Fast Track has always provided excellent support to me as the system administrator, and I have been alone in this role until the last 12 months.  I now have others who have been trained in the role and Fast Track has provided the same level of support to these other officers especially in recent months as I have moved temporarily to another role in the branch.  Greg has been particularly responsive to our needs, as are all his staff." - GOVERNMENT AGENCY 


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