Workplace Management

WorkplaceSpeaking at The Safety Conference in Sydney (13th Oct 2004), Deacons partner Michael Tooma said that individual prosecutions for OHS offences were on the rise. Most jurisdictions had provisions making directors and persons concerned in the management of a corporation personally liable in relation to OHS breaches by their corporation. Due Diligence requires that an employer take every reasonable precaution to protect the welfare of all. He said that employers should ensure they had an effective OHS management system in place as a minimum defence. Fast Track provides an effective system through proactive notification of obligations, escalation of outstanding activities, and a fully comprehensive and integrated approach from prevention programs to rehabilitation.

Having a comprehensive Safety Management Systems goes a long way in providing Due Diligence for legal and regulatory compliance as well as providing a framework for self insurance.

  • Induction Programs and attendance
  • Injury Management
  • Safety Committee & Management Meetings
  • Health Screening including Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Rehabilitation Planning and Tracking
  • Worker’s Comp Claims
  • Return to Work Management
  • Auto linking of related Persons, Events, Actions, Risks, etc
  • Comprehensive Security Model set per case

Workplace Health Programs

Health Programs is a secure database for tracking Drug & Alcohol Testing, Hearing Checking, etc as well as managing Preventive Health programs.

Fast Track’s comprehensive Security Model ensures only nominated personnel can access individual records and even information within a record.



  • Track both Internal & External screening programs
  • Comprehensive Security Model set per Test
  • Scheduled and cyclic Testing regimes
  • Test & Equipment requirement
  • Record contribution factors & Test Results
  • Auto linking of related Persons, Events, Actions, Risks, etc
  • Diary tracking with history of actions and contacts with escalation of outstanding issues

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