Case Study Excerpts

Fast Track is an "out of the box" solution with a proven implementation methodology and tools. Implementation does not require great resources. While each project is unique, we have a record of fast implementation. Below are three excerpts giving a sense of other organisations' experience with Fast Track. Please contact us for details.

Department of Agriculture

In 4 months we were able to accomplish what our larger competitor couldn't do in 18 months.

One implementation was with the Department of Agriculture. We weren't their original choice, though. The department hired a better known company, which got bogged down after 18 months of trying to set up a system. We were brought in to start over. In four months we were able to accomplish what our larger competitor couldn't do in 18 months.

Parsons Brinkerhoff

Consulting engineers Parsons Brinkerhoff use a range of modules.

One of our customers, consulting engineers Parsons Brinkerhoff, uses Fast Track’s Compliance Management Module to handle contractor selection and conformance; Audit Management for project compliance; Document Control for quality management; and Contract Management for proposal and contract preparation and tracking. Fast Track allows connectivity to PB’s master Oracle database in New York, for seamless integration with their existing project management applications.

Yarra Valley Water

Yarra Valley Water originally tried Oracle, IBM and Accenture, then switched to Fast Track after trials onsite.

Yarra Valley Water, the largest of Melbourne’s three water corporations, published a tender in 2006 for the implementation of their enterprise task management system. At first they opted for big players -- including Oracle, IBM and Accenture. However, none were able to meet their needs and timeframe. Yarra Valley Water reassessed Fast Track’s bid and after onsite trials, chose Fast Track.

Department of Defense

Fast Track won an international Tender for the Department of Defence in 2000 and has been employed throughout Australia as the main compliance tool for the Joint Logistics Command.